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SAYLEE FREESIA (Incarcedent #01-86)

It’s expected to wake up from a nightmare, not wake up into one. Unfortunately, for Saylee, she awakens to find herself in a mysterious prison cell and, without trial, is convicted of committing a series of ghastly murders. 

Prior to her forced “enrollment” in Claustrum Academy, Saylee was your average high schooler. She loved hanging out with friends, going shopping, and had recently won the Regional High School Tennis Championship. She attended Metro High.


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IVORY SCEPTER (Principal Warden)

The enigmatic Principal Warden of Claustrum Academy. A mystery to the young incarcedents, Warden Scepter runs “The Machine” with unquestioned authority. She is never seen without her mask.



Marsade DELICA MARSADE (Vice-Warden)

Claustrum Academy’s sadistic Vice-Warden. She runs the “The Machine” with an iron fist and is not one to be crossed.


Sera SERA (Incarcedent #01-76)

Sera prides herself in smuggling “goods” to other incarcedents (for a price, of course).

She seems to have keen knowledge of how “The Machine” works, but just how much that info will cost has yet to be seen.


Val VAL (Incarcedent #01-73)

Described as a “wiz” with computers, it’s rumored that Val’s an elite hacker.

A master of deductive reasoning, Val possesses an eidetic memory. She has a cold demeanor towards fellow incarcedents.


Kaylen KAYLEN (Incarcedent #01-75)

A girl who doesn’t say a word. Whether this is by choice, or due to being speech-impaired is, as of yet, unknown.

Kaylen is exceptionally talented with her hands and capable of crafting a variety of objects with only minimum materials.